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BalletBeFit Business: Emotional Marketing

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What will I learn?

  • How to connect with your audience.
  • How to create powerful marketing strategies.
  • How to appeal to what your audience wants.
  • How to increase your sales.
  • How to transform customers into brand ambassadors.
  • How to resonate with your audience.

No matter how much you like to think of yourself as a rational, logical person – human beings are slaves to emotion.

It doesn’t matter how many pro or con lists you make, or how often you tell yourself that you’ll “sleep on it”. The truth is that the majority of your decisions are made based on how you feel at the time. Psychologists have found that humans think second and feel first. When we’re confronted with sensory information the emotional part of our brain can process information in one-fifth of the time it takes the cognitive part.

Emotional marketing tells a story that connects audiences with brands in a personal, and human way. As new media channels, devices, and platforms emerge, they ensure that people have plenty of access to brand stories. What’s more, there are now a host of ways for your business to covey your business identity and vision, making emotional marketing much simpler.

What’s in the course?

  • Emotional Marketing

    The key strategy to attract clients.
    1 week

Rachel Withers

About your instructor

I am the founder and manager of the fitness concept BalletBeFit. As a former dancer who trained with the Royal Ballet, I bring my ballet training and knowledge of health and posture into the gym. I recognise that a healthy mindset is a gateway to a healthy body, overcoming willpower depletion, negative self-talk, and being the best version of yourself. With my wealth of experience as a coach, I have also realised the importance of mindset in helping people stand apart in their field. I now offer business mindset and wealth mastery programmes

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