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Who am I?

Meet Rachel Withers, the founder of BalletBeFit and Rachel Withers Academy.

I am the founder and manager of the fitness concept BalletBeFit. As a former dancer who trained with the Royal Ballet, I bring my ballet training and knowledge of health and posture into the gym to help people who are struggling with their weight to build a strong, beautiful and, an elegant physique using graceful and controlled movements of ballet to gain balance, control and posture with workouts which will leave you feeling healthy and refreshed. As an author, speaker, and coach, I help people of all ages, shapes, and sizes get in and stay in excellent shape. As an advocate for a mindful approach to health and wellness, I believe it’s only through a change in lifestyle and mindset that you can be the success you are meant to be!

Through the building of my successful business BalletBeFit, I have recognised the importance of mindset in fitness and in building a sustainable and profitable business. A healthy mindset is a gateway to a healthy body, overcoming willpower depletion, negative self-talk, and being the best version of yourself. 

With my wealth of experience as a coach, I have also realised the importance of mindset in helping people stand apart in their field. I now offer business mindset and wealth mastery programmes to help educate people and help them learn valuable strategies on how to build a thriving business and to remain ahead and relevant in the incredibly competitive business world.

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