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FITPreneur Bootcamp Mastery Programme

Typically completed in 8 weeks
9 modules
Certificate of Achievement

Building a business to live out your passion

My 8 week programme provides concrete, easy to follow principles, using ballet-inspired techniques combined with mindset and visualisation exercises from my extensive life coaching experience. I will help you turn your dream into a reality by transforming it into a successful and profitable business.

What will I learn?

  • To understand the BalletBeFit method.
  • To identify the key muscle groups involved in a BalletBeFit routine.
  • To recognise components of fitness which the routines aim to develop.
  • To recognise and apply health and safety considerations.
  • To know how to offer a range of fun and challenging classes for all ages and abilities, safely and effectively.
  • To recognise the potential adaptations and considerations required.
  • To know how to turn your passion into a profitable business.

The FITPreneur Bootcamp Mastery Programme provides you with all the tools and information you need to run a successful BalletBeFit business. If you love to dance and love to teach, you’re already halfway there!

Making the decision to become a BalletBeFit instructor is the first exciting step on your new business journey! You have made that first brave step but then realised there is still a long way to go.

Looking at the road ahead it may seem difficult to know what to do next. How can you make sure your business will be a success?

This programme is here to show you the way! With useful tips and in-depth videos to help you get started, you’ll soon realise there was no reason to doubt yourself!

Ready to get started?

What’s in the course?

  • FITPreneur Bootcamp Mastery Programme Outline

    Welcome, we are delighted that you have chosen us to support you on your business journey. Let's get started!
    1 week
  • BalletBeFit Posture

    What posture is, good posture, and how to improve posture.
    1 week
  • BalletBeFit Method

    Understand the technique and how to implement the method.
    1 week
  • BalletBeFit Preparation

    The preparation and considerations you must take to run a BalletBeFit Class.
    1 week
  • BalletBeFit Body Beautiful Class

    This workout is designed to give your participants a full body workout, and provides you with all the tools to deliver a safe and effective exercise class.
    1 week
  • BalletBeFit Reflection and Facilitation

    A chance for you to test what you have learnt so far and reflect on your progress.
    1 week
  • BalletBeFit Building Your Business

    The practicalities of starting and building your BalletBeFit business.
    1 week
  • BalletBeFit Marketing Strategies

    A guide on how and where to get clients.
    1 week
  • BalletBeFit Success

    Consolidation, what you have learnt, and providing you with the strategies and focus to lead you to success.
    1 week

Rachel Withers

About your instructor

I am the founder and manager of the fitness concept BalletBeFit. As a former dancer who trained with the Royal Ballet, I bring my ballet training and knowledge of health and posture into the gym. I recognise that a healthy mindset is a gateway to a healthy body, overcoming willpower depletion, negative self-talk, and being the best version of yourself. With my wealth of experience as a coach, I have also realised the importance of mindset in helping people stand apart in their field. I now offer business mindset and wealth mastery programmes

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