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FITPreneur Bootcamp Mastery Programme

Typically completed in 8 weeks
9 modules
Certificate of Achievement

Building a business to live out your passion

My 8 week programme provides concrete, easy to follow principles, using ballet-inspired techniques combined with mindset and visualisation exercises from my extensive life coaching experience. I will help you turn your dream into a reality by transforming it into a successful and profitable business.

What will I learn?

  • To understand the BalletBeFit method.
  • To identify the key muscle groups involved in a BalletBeFit routine.
  • To recognise components of fitness which the routines aim to develop.
  • To recognise and apply health and safety considerations.
  • To know how to offer a range of fun and challenging classes for all ages and abilities, safely and effectively.
  • To recognise the potential adaptations and considerations required.
  • To know how to turn your passion into a profitable business.

The FITPreneur Bootcamp Mastery Programme provides you with all the tools and information you need to run a successful BalletBeFit business. If you love to dance and love to teach, you’re already halfway there!

Making the decision to become a BalletBeFit instructor is the first exciting step on your new business journey! You have made that first brave step but then realised there is still a long way to go.

Looking at the road ahead it may seem difficult to know what to do next. How can you make sure your business will be a success?

This programme is here to show you the way! With useful tips and in-depth videos to help you get started, you’ll soon realise there was no reason to doubt yourself!

Ready to get started?

What’s in the course?

  • FITPreneur Bootcamp Mastery Programme Outline

    Welcome, we are delighted that you have chosen us to support you on your business journey. Let's get started!
    1 week
  • BalletBeFit Posture

    What posture is, good posture, and how to improve posture.
    1 week
  • BalletBeFit Method

    Understand the technique and how to implement the method.
    1 week
  • BalletBeFit Preparation

    The preparation and considerations you must take to run a BalletBeFit Class.
    1 week
  • BalletBeFit Body Beautiful Class

    This workout is designed to give your participants a full body workout, and provides you with all the tools to deliver a safe and effective exercise class.
    1 week
  • BalletBeFit Reflection and Facilitation

    A chance for you to test what you have learnt so far and reflect on your progress.
    1 week
  • BalletBeFit Building Your Business

    The practicalities of starting and building your BalletBeFit business.
    1 week
  • BalletBeFit Marketing Strategies

    A guide on how and where to get clients.
    1 week
  • BalletBeFit Success

    Consolidation, what you have learnt, and providing you with the strategies and focus to lead you to success.
    1 week

Rachel Withers

About your instructor

I am the founder and manager of the fitness concept BalletBeFit. As a former dancer who trained with the Royal Ballet, I bring my ballet training and knowledge of health and posture into the gym. I recognise that a healthy mindset is a gateway to a healthy body, overcoming willpower depletion, negative self-talk, and being the best version of yourself. With my wealth of experience as a coach, I have also realised the importance of mindset in helping people stand apart in their field. I now offer business mindset and wealth mastery programmes

Course reviews

Rebecca Hampson

5.0 rating
I absolutely loved the ballet be fit mastery programme I had a personal tutor as well as Rachel on hand for any questions Any enquiries were answered automatically The course was fun and informative , the way the course structure was set out meant you could continuously practice their tutorials at ease to help memorise movement/ posture for your class The course did entail a lot of work however this allowed all the information to digest appropriately. I would certainly recommend ballet bee fit, the qualification catered my needs for the present moment to add ballet movement to my existing dance classes however after my course feedback I’m excited to become a member of the inner circle in future and take the follow up course , I was impressed with the way there is no pressure to be a part off this straight away; however it’s a fantastic opportunity for me to follow once I’m ready. This course is great for anyone looking to start a business in delivering classes and gives you all the tools you need to start your own classes at amazing value for money. I’m highly impressed with everything about this course

Ella St John Redwood

5.0 rating

Melissa Lewis

5.0 rating
Fabulous, customer service. Made to feel really welcome and not a pain when needing help and information. Lit my creative spark again.

Salvatore Mattia Nalbone

5.0 rating
I started the course less than a week ago and so far I found it very interesting. Each module is delivered in a professional but very easy way and, even for someone like me who is not English, it is easy to understand and increase your knowledge in anatomic and fitness terms. The tutor is checking on my progress, not to stress with deadlines but because she is encouraging and supporting me. I strongly recommend this course if you want to turn your love for ballet into a business.

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